Service list

The cost of colour services varies depending on length and thickness of your hair, as well as time and product used. You may require more than one visit to achieve your desired look. We encourage you to email us and include your hair goal/inspiration photos and ideas along with a brief history and photo of your hair as it currently is for approximate quotes. 

Cut & StyleBeginnerIntermediateSenior
Short haircut (45 min)
Clipper, barber, pixie short cuts.
Also for kids 10 & under
Medium haircut (45 min)
Below the ear, shorter than collarbone 
Long haircut (60 min)
Longer than collarbone *or those looking for an entirely new shape
Wash & style
Includes head massage
Formal styling 
Updos and event styling
Root retouch 

Matching less than 1" of root regrowth to the colour of the rest of your hair
Blonde root retouch

Lightening less than 1" of root  regrowth for those already blonde. This service will include a toner. 
Full colour 

One continuous colour application from roots to ends
Highlights / Low Lights
Ombre & Balayage
These services are generally hand painted highlights applied to the hair to give the illusion of a soft, grown out look.
Colour correction 

If you have coloured your hair in the past, and you now wish to change the colour, you NEED colour correction.  (Unless that hair has grown out, and you have or intend to cut those ends off)

Examples of this might be, you coloured your hair brown four months ago, and now you would like to go copper.  Or, you've had highlights and now you would like an all over colour.
Fashion colour 
Rainbow & pastel shades 
This service is for people who have hair light enough to accept desired colour. 

If you need to lighten your hair, this must be booked as a separate service. 
ie. Full Colour, Highlights, Ombre & Balayage or Colour Correction